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Mid-century lighting

Call it ‘mid-century lighting’, call it ‘mid-century modern lighting’—chances are that what you are looking for actually covers a fairly broad spectrum of design. Originally an American reflection of what was going on in Europe design-wise, today mid-century modern has come to mean more than just the likes of Bertoia and Eames. As it turns out, a mid-century floor lamp, table lamp, wall lights or ceiling lights will blend in and stand out—in a good way—in almost any interior.

The GLAMOUR swing arm floor lamp.
Materials used;
Brass and bronze.  Chintz shade.
Shown here in an all polished nickel finish.
Size of lamp; 130 cm, 52" incl. shade.
Size of shade; 32.5/30/18 h cm.
Several luxury switch and cord options available.
This lamp is fitted with a double lamp holder cluster.

One segment is fixed, the other will swing. 

Added picture; 150cm high in total. Larger shade; 40/37.5/23.5 cm

We do not keep stock of completed lamps. All of our lamps are created after an order has been placed. This allows the client to custom order this lamp.

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Our impressive collection of mid-century lighting

At Empel Collections, we are all about the details. The perfect balance in a design, the absoluteness of measurements, the level of perfection of the finish, the way the electric cord is hidden from view. And especially our Mid-century Collection, with its clean lines and air of transparency, leaves no room for error. We are always, yes, always proud when we add another design to our impressive collection of mid-century lighting. These lamps are the end result of a well-considered design phase and an intricate manufacturing process. We enjoy the twist our hands-on approach allows us to give to a design style born three generations ago. We love adding an element of glamour, be it a piece of rock crystal finial, or delicate gold-leaf.

Custom design service

Some of the lamps you will see on our website are sold ‘as is’. This tends to be the case with lamps that are constructed using a vintage starting piece, such as a piece of sculpture or lighting, which we have revamped into a true Empel Collections lamp. We cannot simply go out and buy more of the same. And then there are the lamp designs that we cannot reproduce 1:1, but similar. For instance, no two pieces of amethyst are identical. But we can get more amethyst. The rest of the designs at Empel Collections involve designs that we can make to order. But even then, we will hardly ever copy one we made earlier. We are very much open to adapting our designs to your wishes and requirements. Size, finish, colour, finials, cords—every little detail can be altered to fit your needs best. Imagine that, mid-century lighting that was created especially for you.