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Contemporary floor lamps

Is there such a thing as a contemporary floor lamp? We really, really doubt it. At the risk of getting all philosophical on you: contemporary is tomorrow’s vintage. Get it? You are only as old as you feel and why would that be any different for floor lamps? Floor lamps are people too! No, they are not but anyway, at Empel Collections, our designs are contemporary but not trendy. We like our lamps to last, not only in the quality of the materials but also in the quality of the designs. We design contemporary floor lamps, ceiling lights, wall lamps, and table lamps that do not age, or, come to think of it, that age really, really well.


Our floor lamps: 'contemporary' as in 'timeless'

Contemporary, modern, current, in vogue, au courant… Well, yes, our lamps are all that, of course. We are not old fuddy duddies, firmly rooted in the Dark Ages. But we prefer to use the word ‘timeless’ for our contemporary floor lamps, as we do for all of our designs. At Empel Collections, we dream of our floor lamps becoming heirlooms, passed down through the generations, effortlessly adapting to changes in fashion and interior design. We take immense pride in the level of quality in our materials, our finishes, our sense of balance in a design, and our attention to detail, from the best-looking finial to the colour of the cord. Our floor lamps are both functional and ‘a thing of beauty’, if we may say so ourselves. And we may. Coz this is our website. So, there.

Haute couture and sort of prêt à porter

Basically, the desings of our contemporary floor lamps fall into two categories: one-of-a-kind or more-of-a-kind. Let us explain. We may start out with a vintage piece (or a pair of vintage pieces), which we give we a complete make-over and incorporate in a design that turns it into a unique contemporary floor lamp. When this leaves our workshop, that’s it. We cannot make another one just like it. The designs that we come up and that do not involve a vintage piece, those we can reproduce at will. However, they can be completely customized to your specifications. Different finial? Check! Different finish? No problem. Different height? You got it. We may even end up designing a whole new contemporary floor lamp for you.