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Vintage style lighting

When it comes to vintage lighting: our definition of ‘vintage’ may differ from yours. And yours may differ from your next-door neighbour’s. Come to think of it, there are probably about as many definition of ‘vintage’ as there are ‘vintage’ objects. At Empel Collections, our Vintage collection of floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps and ceiling lamps all center around one thing: we have found a vintage item –it may even be an antique– and turned it into a beautiful lamp. When we say ‘it’, we generally mean ‘them’ because most of our designs come in pairs, even the vintage ones. Yes, we have this crazy thing for symmetry. Call us a bit OCD, we don’t mind.

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Vintage style lighting: unique and custom made

At Empel Collections, we generally start from scratch, using nothing but our notepads, pencils and unbridled imagination. Those designs we can reproduce, especially for you. And since most of our items are made to order, there is ample room for you to have us tweak the designs of our lamps to your specifications, whether they involve size, colour, finish, detailing, you name it. But for our Vintage Collection, our starting point will always be a vintage or antique piece, which we incorporate in an entirely unique lamp. The result would obviously be impossible to reproduce, making it a truly one-of-a-kind item. Well, two-of-a-kind usually, given our aforementioned symmetry disorder…

Creat your own vintage lamp

But our creativity goes even further. Why not ask us to design a whole new and exciting ceiling light, wall light, floor lamp or table lamp –or all of the above– especially for you, using a vintage piece that you already own? We would love to turn that cherished pair of vases, or that slightly kitschy heirloom statuette into a glorious, functional and utterly stylish lamp. And we also have an ever-changing stock of vintage items, that are awaiting their Empel Collections make-over. Why not tell us which one (or ones) you like and have us turn them into lamps that fit your particular needs and requirements? Vintage style lighting has never been so exciting.