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Contemporary wall lights

Call it a contemporary wall light, wall lamp or sconce. What you are looking for is a lamp that is as functional as it is beautiful, striking yet unobtrusive, unique yet preferably ‘a pair of’, or maybe even three, four, five… To light up your hallway, or on either side of a treasured painting, or along the stairs, or mounted on your bookcase (admit it, you hadn’t even thought of that but now that we mention it…). You have come to the right place.  At Empel Collections, we live and breathe contemporary wall lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights, and table lamps.  

Single gilt iron three light wall lamp
Italian vintage piece.
Nice real wax candle sleeves.
33Hx33W x20 cm deep

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Our wall lights: contemporary equals well-made

Gone are the days of throw-away designs. Once again, people are happy to invest in beautiful, unique and handmade pieces. Are we experiencing an Arts & Crafts revival without even knowing it? Could be! And at Empel Collections, we fit right in. We are not run-of-the-mill designers. We love coming up with intricate solutions for lighting ‘problems’ experienced by our customers, creating one-of-a-kind lamps that perfect fit their requirements. We treasure the artisan aspect of our work, deftly applying the finishes and using the best natural and man-made materials we can find. For us, a contemporary wall lamp is a wall lamp that is well-made, in every sense of the word.

Limited editions

Although most of our wall lamps are born on paper, when we sketch out a new design, that we can customize if need be, we do also have limited editions. What limits those editions is that these usually incorporate vintage objects that we have found in an auction, or an antique shop, or at a bric-à-brac fair. We love turning the most curious objets d’art into wonderful lighting designs. But obviously we cannot go out and get more of exactly the same. Hence, limited editions. But rest assured, we generally have at least two. Because we have this crazy thing for symmetry. And surely you must agree, there is no such thing as a single contemporary wall lamp—that is just sad.