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In deze afdeling vindt u lampen en objecten die we recent aan de collecties hebben toegevoegd. Het zijn zowel collectie- als vintage stukken, verlichting en decoraties.

Paar kasten in de vorm van obelisken
Recently we aquired a pair of obelisk shaped cabinets.
So far we are leaving them in the finish they came in...awaiting a client who can then decide in what colour they need to be finished.
Today we added LED strip lighting to the upper sections. Dimmable !!!
This makes the cabinets really stand out. I am glad we did this.
For now we have lots of our minerals displayed in them.
They are 260cm Tall.
60 wide at plinth. 45cm deep.
Now available from the showroom floor. 
Te zien in onze showroom te EST, West Betuwe

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