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Vintage J. Robert Scott bank. Tete a tete.
The exclusive American based J. Robert Scott furniture and fabric company was the first to introduce the sofa with a 'section' missing in the back.
Maybe strange at first, but when placed in the middle of a room....the sofa is no longer a big block but kind of 'see thru', making the seating area more airy.
'RARE' in the sense that seldom one comes onto the vintage market scene.

Introduced in the 70's, the model is still being produced. ( Tète a tète)

We found one that was in need of some TLC.
We redesigned the sofa a little so it will fit in both modern and traditional interiors. The arm was given a classic P-arm, added the shallow tufting and gave it a luxurious thick 20cm high fringe .

So the sofa just came back from a master upholsterer. Basically brand new.

Fabric: a true classic. Piere Frey, Collobrières F0556052 Reseda.
Fringe: Samuel and Sons.

237 wide. 92 total depth , 62 seat depth, 80 High.

Ready to be shipped anywhere.

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