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Set of three Mid-century oils by Gnocchi Franco
A set of three Mid-century oils by Gnocchi Franco. ( Italian born 1945) 
Landscape studies.
Found this beautiful set in a small antique shop in Arona on Lago Maggiore.
Paint technique: spatula instead of brush.
One is green-ish, one is blue-ish and one is beige. Matching inlays. 
Each frame has some info written on the back incl a picture of the artist.

Two frames are 47x53H, painting 23x29H
One frame is 43x53H, painting 19,5x29H

They came with 'normal' float glass.
We took the frames apart to restore and clean.
Who ever buys the set can choose for normal or museum/anti glare glass
Or you could opt to have NO glass at all. 

We also found a fourth but single painting by this artist. 

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