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Custom lamps

Pair vessel type vase lamps, greek key decor

Very elegant and understated classic table lamps.

Ceramic in soft blue and creme.
Greek decor relief. ( yes, you can actually feel it.

Void of any metal detailling...it is all about the soft colours. 

We have lovingly restored and rewired them.
Fitted with a luxury triple lamp holder cluster.
Timeless urn style finial. 
Cord type of your choice.

We can easily rewire for use in the States or for anywhere in the world. 

Shown with optional silk knife pleated shades. ( we have a pair in stock....so we could ship asap) 
The last image shows a drum hardback shade. ( a pair will have to be made...in the fabric of your choice)

We have three lamps available. 
Will sell as set of three.
Will sell a pair.
Will sell a single.

You are not obligated to purchase shades from us.
If you have a good source, feel free to use them.
Request for price break up. 


Lamp + silk shade 75cm H
Silk shade 47.5/32.5/30

Lamp + hardback shade 75cmH
HardbackShade 42.5 top and bottom 30 H
less expensive shade!!!

Just the lamp base 45cm H

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Are you looking for a custom lamp?

At Empel Collections, ‘custom’ is our middle name. Well, not really, because then we would be Empel Custom Collections. Which actually kind of covers it… We don’t do mass production. We couldn’t, even if we wanted to. But we don’t want to. So, that’s alright then. What we want to do is designing beautiful, timeless, well-made floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, or ceiling lamps. And we are happy to adapt our designs to your specific requirements. And even happier designing something especially for you. Imagine that, haute couture lighting! Who knew? Well, we did. We have been doing it for years. And we are good at it.  

Custom lamps: unique and bespoke 

Our starting point may be a vintage piece that we have sourced at an auction or an antique shop, but you are more than welcome to bring us a pair of vases, a piece of sculpture, a beautiful mineral or any other item you might want turned into or incorporated in a gorgeous custom lamp. Or you could choose from our wide range of designs that are made ‘from scratch’, with just our imagination and inspiration as a starting point. If you want us to tweak an existing design, so that it better fulfils your brief, we are happy to. If you want us to come up with something completely different, for that special place in your—or someone else’s—home, we are more than happy to come up with new and exciting ideas. We love the whole design process, consulting with a client and turning their wishes and ideas into something that is both functional and beautiful and truly unique.

Anything goes

Our designs cover a wide range of styles. From the sleek simple lines of our mid-century modern designs, to the versatility of our more traditional lamps, which might appeal to the classically inclined. And our made-to-measure approach opens up an unlimited range of possibilities for you. A 10-foot chandelier? Been there, done that, and yes, both the 10-foot tall one and the 10-foot wide one. Loved it. Turn a pair of precious heirloom vases into table lamps? It is our pleasure. Come up with a creative, functional and beautiful lighting design for a problem area in your living room? We will do it. You have seen a lamp on our website, but would prefer it in a different finish or colour? Of course, you can. At Empel Collections, we create custom lamps.