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Contemporary lamps

Large Agate slice as decor or mounted as lamp.
Large scale AGATE mineral mounted as lamp.
Thick slice AGATE; 4cm thick. ( just under 2 inch) 
Fitted with double lamp holder.
Agate finial.

Plinth in gold leaf with dark brown trim.

Base + shade 70cm,  28inch

Shown with optional shade. We have a lot of materials for shades.
Shade size:
bottom ring 52x35 cm
Upper ring 47.5x30 cm
Side 28 cm 

All lamps in our MINERAL SERIES are made of natural- and manmade materials. The natural materials are quarried, left raw or processed. We depend heavily on what is available from our sources. We try to keep stock of good pieces, but it could be this particular type of mineral/semi precious stone is not in stock.
Please ask us about the availability of this material. We may have to start a search to find the perfect piece to create a lamp for you.

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Well-made design that meets your wishes, your home, your taste

Okay, tell us, what do you think contemporary lamps look like? What are you looking for? At Empel Collections, we have a wide and varied selection of ceiling lights, wall lights, floor lamps, and table lamps on our website. But we keep telling our (potential) customers over and over: what you see is not what you have to get. Almost every design can be customized. Different height, colour, finish, cord, finial—you say the word. You could even ask us to design something especially for you. In fact, please, please, please do… it’s what we love most of all… A considered and well-made design that meets your wishes, your home, your taste: that is what we call a contemporary lamp.

High taste, high spec

We love the artisan aspect of making beautiful lighting just as much as we do the design process. There are so many wonderful materials to work with: gorgeous minerals, beautiful metals, glorious woods, glittering gold-leaf, warm silver-leaf, a truly endless array of paints and pigments… Believe us when we say our workshop, to us, looks like a sweetshop. And we treat those materials with the respect they deserve, turning them into wonderful lamps that combine high taste design with a high spec finish.

At your service 

So, feel free to stroll around on our website. Let your eyes wander along the dozens and dozens of pictures. Make a note of what you like. It can be a lamp ‘as is’ or just a detail that strikes you. Let our designs inspire you, like we get inspired by vintage pieces or an old interior design photograph. Picture where precisely you would want your lamp—or lamps—to feature, take some measurements and maybe even take some pictures of that particular spot, so that you can email them to us. And then, contact us, by phone or email. Tell us what you are looking for and how we can help you. Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. We have enough imagination to go around and together we will surely succeed in the perfect design for a timeless and contemporary lamp.