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Contemporary ceiling lights 

What is the overall style definition of a contemporary ceiling light? Honestly, we don’t know. Actually, we don’t think there is one. All we know is that, at Empel Collections, our designs are ‘of today’ but not to the point where tomorrow they are ‘of yesterday’. Does that make sense? It does to us. We love to create contemporary ceiling lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, and table lamps that do not look dated the moment you buy a new rug. As far as we are concerned, that kind of design is not contemporary. It’s simply trendy. And trendy we are not.

ROCKEFELLER 8 arm chandelier.
Our own design.
A classic yet sleak lined gilt iron chandelier.
Bespoke made for one of our clients. 140cm high, 100cm Ø.
The client specified to also have good light on the table it will hang over, therefore we designed a cluster of four down spotlights, situated in the center of the chandelier. The cluster can be operated separately with its own toggle switch.
With or without shades, the lamp still looks elegant.
Shown here with optional finial; gold leaf or a solid lead crystal sphere.
In any size, any finish or detail. 
Size shade 11/10/14 cm

We do not keep stock of completed lamps. All of our lamps are created after an order has been placed. This allows the client to custom order this lamp.

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Our ceiling lights: contemporary design, old skool approach 

And what does ‘contemporary’ mean anyway? Mozart was contemporary when he was alive. And so was Van Gogh. Where one person might associate the word contemporary with the minimalism of Donald Judd, another might find the Happy Chic-style of Jonathan Adler the epitome of all things current. At Empel Collections, we design ceiling lamps you could, if pressed, label ‘contemporary’, by taking inspiration from all eras, and then applying that special Empel twist which merges different influences into one harmonious, timeless whole. We consider ourselves both designers and artisans, and we pride ourselves on the level of quality in our finishes, our attention to the minutest of details, and our use of top-of-the-range materials. Yes, our designs are contemporary. But our approach is definitely old skool.

One-of-a-kind and made-to-measure 

As strange as it may sound, some of our contemporary ceiling lights start with a vintage piece, which we put our own stamp on. The end result is a one-of-a-kind item. And the rest of our ceiling lights? Those we design ourselves, hampered by nothing but gravity: we have not yet brought a ceiling down. Okay, we have, but only figuratively speaking and after a couple of Martini’s and we really do do a mean impression of… oh well, too much information. Those designs, that have sprung from our imagination are made to order. We don’t really do “off the shelf” anyway. We love to incorporate your special wishes, when it comes to size or colour or whatever. Or why not ask us to come up with an entirely new ceiling light design, especially for you?