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Paar vintage Chippendale faux bamboo armstoelen
Recently spray painted in high gloss RAL Coral Red.
Custom made fretwork fabric cushions included. Solid red piping. 

Highest point of the back 94cm. ( there is little curve there)
Front 58cm wide
Back 52cm wide
Arm rest 69.5cm H ( from floor up)
Seat height with fitted cushion 50cm ( without 42)
One is not meant to sit straight on the cane webbing. A pillow or cushion is highly recommended

Added image below main picture....shows you a collage of different ways this chair is finished. For your inspiration....) 

(Antique cartel clock, faux coral piece, wall lights...available from showroom floor.)

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Deze afdeling toont u heel veel VINTAGE meubels, spiegels en decoratie. Een aantal items zijn relatief nieuw, maar vaak wel eenmalig. Soms betreft het een EMPEL COLLECTIONS Original. In dat geval kan nabesteld worden op maat en kleur.