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Drinks table Fossilized wood
Table frame designed and made by Empel Collections. One off.
Materials; hammered bronze in gold leaf. A thick slab of fossilized wood.
This particular piece in photo has been sold.
We can create a similar version.  ( upon request, we will go and find another slab at our source who keeps many varieties of fossilized wood in stock) 
You can also opt for other finishes for the base. 

Also you can specify a certain size of table you are looking for. Maybe also the coloring...what we can find depends on what our source has in stock.

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Deze afdeling toont u heel veel VINTAGE meubels, spiegels en decoratie. Een aantal items zijn relatief nieuw, maar vaak wel eenmalig. Soms betreft het een EMPEL COLLECTIONS Original. In dat geval kan nabesteld worden op maat en kleur.