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Pair antique gilt bronze bouillotte candle lamps
We found an antique pair of gilt bronze candle sticks.
Lovely as is, but maybe even more useful when mounted as lamps...so we did.
We created a base + figurine arm to hold lamp sockets and the shade.
We did not attache the candle sticks to the base. ( at least not yet) 

As bouillotte lamps they will show real candles while light will come from inside the shade. A magical effect.
You could opt to purchase the lamps NOT WIRED, so you can use them as original bouillotte lamps, working on only candles. ( very romantic on the dining table) 
We can also provide faux wooden candles.

We took pics with an oval TOLE shade ( from our own collection) You can order the tole shade in any colour from the F&B swatch card.
Also a picture with a black oval hard back shade. 
Or you can choose any colour hard back shade. ( or source your own) 

lamp + shade 47cm high.
Shade 35cm wide, 20cm deep

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