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Vintage dining set 1940's French
Exceptional elegant vintage dining set.
Warm grey lacquered oblong table. 160x95 cm ( extention leaf 50cm...so max 210cm long) Ext leaf sits inside the table.
4 side chairs
2 arm chairs.
All in the original 'leather cloth' ( which is NOT a leather) typical for the era.

Table looks very well for its age. It does show some 'non tangible' ultra fine scratches when the sun hits the surface. Also there is a tangible spot....I can send a pic.
To get it perfect again, one could give it a new lacquer coat. You could opt for your preferred colour. High gloss or other.

The chairs do show some wear, but age appropriate.
One chair has a bad schmutz. We have tried to get this professionally cleaned...did not come out. See last image.
Re-upholstering the chairs would bring them up to scratch.
The 'castellar' nail design on the sides of the seats would then be an option to return or not.

If you do not have the capacity or source to do the work, we could do the work for you.
COM fabric welcome.
Do contact us about options and cost.

The set is located in The Netherlands.

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